Killer Arpeggios

Hello, this month I want to focus on a killer arpeggios sequence. I love this one because the approach to the arpeggiated lines are always different. That makes it a great piece for practicing, and last but not at least it is inspired by the Moonlight Sonata by L.V. Beethoven, which is a terrific piece of music!

This exercise also involves a chromatic scale and classical pivoting pattern. There's no legato, everything should be played with a precise picking. Hope you enjoy it.


MP3 - Arpeggios Example

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Gianluca Piersanti, a guitarist born in Italy, moved to Hollywood in 1999.

Gianluca won several prizes and contests, including best original arranger with his band Gli Impossibili. He has studied composition and recently has focused on music for film.

Gianluca Piersanti