Kiko Loureiro "Os Melhores Solos E Riffs Do Angra"

Kiko Loureiro "Os Melhores Solos  E Riffs Do Angra"


Kiko Loureiro
Os Melhores Solos E Riffs Do Angra
The Story
An instructional DVD in Portuguese, with available English subtitles, "Os Melhores Solos E Riffs Do Angra" features Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro teaching blazing metal and shred at the top of his technique and show, in a clear and easy-to-learn way, uncountable details that are meant to enrich the musical repertoire of any guitarist. Loureiro shows note for note, in diverse angles and speeds, in a simple and accessible way, the riffs and/or solos of Angra tunes such as "Nova Era", "Nothing To Say", "Carry On", "Heroes Of Sand" and "Running Alone", his tapping technique, and more.This is a great inside look at all things Loureiro.

Special DVD features include: Tab Booklet And Tray Card, Audio In Portuguese With English Subtitles, Live Solo, Kiko In The Studio, Interview, Alternate Takes.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Additional Facts
Kiko Loureiro began his musical studies when he was just eleven years old, and has never stopped developing himself as a guitarist and a composer. It was in March of 1993 that Kiko recorded his first instructional video and then traveled to Germany to record AngraÔøΩs debut album, "Angels Cry". The success regarding the album opened many new markets for the band, like Argentina and Europe, besides, of course, Brazil. Many more Angra CDs followed, and Loureiro became one of the most infulential guitarists in his genre. He has graced the cover of such magazines as Japanese Young Guitar, French Guitar & Bass, Brazil's Cover Guitarra and Guitar Class.