Beer-Soaked, Old School Metal

To say that Tennessee's Keymaster is a guitar-oriented metal band is like saying the Pope is Catholic - so now that we've dismissed with the pleasantries, what's up with their CD, The Lords Of Everything? Twin guitars and galloping rhythms in the style of good old Iron Maiden await the head banging listener, along with sweeping licks, earth-crushing riffs, speed-drunk wailing lines, and soaring, dual-guitar interplay. Vocals too, but you'll be cranking to the guitars so you may miss the message. The title track is a blazing metal anthem that establishes the fact that the band is taking their 'take no prisoners' attitude with them all the way to the top. These guys hate nu metal, so they plan to ride the epic metal train as far as possible. With their powers of heavy metal, they will also destroy.


A five-piece group from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Keymaster's hallmark is singers who sing instead of growl, the aforementioned galloping beats, melody, harmony, and a sense of humor. They wrote the songs, recorded the album and pressed it themselves. A visit to the band's web site on didn't yield any additional biographical information, but it does contain an awesome picture of the all-female rock group Atomic Blonde - and if a photo of all four members of the AB in matching red, white and blue bikinis doesn't quicken your pulse, then call your doctor - you may be dead. Special thanks to Kendra, Dacia, Danielle and Amber.

Oh yeah, back to Keymaster. If you don't know who Keymaster is... you are doomed to oblivion... puny mortals.

Contact Information

Keymaster C/O Chris Driver
2431 Middle Tenn. Blvd., Apt. A
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
United States

Web site: