Ken Hatfield "Etudes For Solo Guitar In 24 Keys"


Ken Hatfield
Etudes For Solo Guitar In 24 Keys
The Story
Ken Hatfield's "Etudes For Solo Guitar In 24 Keys" is a folio of etudes containing 24 compositions he wrote over a two-year period for his private guitar students. The etudes are composed for standard guitar tuning, and each is for one of the twelve Major or twelve minor keys. For the sake of artistic interest and variety, some of the etudes pass through harmonic areas that may appear to be only remotely related to their "parent key". However, each piece remains true to the key it was composed to illustrate. These etudes will offer pedagogical guidance to guitarists interested in exploring all twenty-four keys of the harmonic system that forms the basis of all western music, while being sufficiently musically appealing that the player will actually want to play them. Each etude is played through on the accompanying CD. Etudes are provided in standard notation only, with fingering suggestions.
Additional Facts
Ken Hatfield's compositional experience includes commssions to write ballet scores for Judith Jamison and the Washington Ballet Company as well as for the Maurice Bejart Ballet Company. ASCAP has recognized his accomplishments by presenting him with its Composition Award for each of the past nine years.

In addition to performing with his ensemble, Ken has performed and/or recorded with Charlie Byrd, Jack McDuff, Chico Hamilton, Jimmy McGriff, Melissa Manchester, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Stephanie Mills, Linda Hopkins, Billy Daniels, Pat Benatar, Maurice Hines, Charles Aznavour, Bob Cranshaw, Grady Tate, Harold Mabern, Brian Torff, Marcus Miller, Kenny Kirkland, Dom Salvafor, Ben E. King, Eddie Kendricks, Marlena Shaw, Vivian Reed, and Z.Z. Hill.

Ken's formal education includes study at the Berklee College of Music, where he joined the faculty at the age of 19 after one year's attendance, and the State University of New York, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts.

"Ken's command of the classical guitar... is formidable and ...he is a serious voice on this instrument."

Randall Kremer, Just Jazz Guitar magazine

"I like the compositions, especially the sonata, a major undertaking, very well executed. The playing is damned good too."

Charlie Byrd, Solo Artist

"...his creativity, technique, and general musicality are always a delight."

Charles Chapman, Just Jazz Guitar magazine