Keith Wyatt "Rockin' The Blues"

Keith Wyatt "Rockin' The Blues"


Keith Wyatt
Rockin' The Blues
The Story
"Rockin' The Blues" teaches you how to develop a blues style by taking you through the phrasing and feel of traditional blues and its relationship to rock. Keith covers shuffle rhythms, open string licks, call and response phrasing, target notes, intros, turnarounds and endings, plus many traditional blues phrases. Keith's inspirational playing and demonstrations will help you build a rock-solid foundation for the blues.

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Additional Facts
Keith Wyatt has spent decades studying the styles of major rock and blues artists. After graduating from Guitar Institute of Technology's first class, Keith joined the faculty, helped develop the curriculum, and later served as G.I.T.'s Director of Programs. Keith's years as a renowned educator have given him a unique insight into the best ways of developing and teaching phrasing and style.