John Scofield Band "Up All Night"

John Scofield Band "Up All Night"

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John Scofield Band
Up All Night
The Story
New tunes, new tones, new textures, colors and rhythms-all of these mark "Up All Night" as another bold direction for guitarist John Scofield. What unites this adventurous new project with everything the guitarist has ever done is its reliance on Sco's improvisational mastery. "I'm always just trying to play and have it feel good," the guitarist says. "There are more similarities between playing this band and with my jazz trio with Bill Stewart and Steve Swallow than there are differences. With this band, I get into electronica in a different way, but otherwise, I'm just trying to be spontaneous, which I do in any situation." The album's 11 tracks - ten new original compositions and a classic Philly Soul cover ("Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get") - blend sophisticated improvisation, sonic adventure, and classic funk and soul sounds into music that's both timely and timeless.
The Music
06:23 Philiopiety Instrumental
06:04 Watch Out For Po-Po Vocal
07:27 Creeper Instrumental
05:53 Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get Instrumental
02:58 I'm Listening Instrumental
06:58 Thikhathali Instrumental
06:03 Four On The Floor Instrumental
06:40 Like The Moon Instrumental
08:21 Freakin' Disco Instrumental
04:56 Born In Troubled Times Instrumental
05:27 Every Night Is Ladies Night Instrumental
The Artists
John Scofield Electric Guitar, Guitar Samples, Production, Arrangements, Horn Arrangements
Avi Bortnick Rhythm Guitar, Samples, Loops, Production, Arrangements
Andy Hess Bass, Arrangements
Adam Deitch Drums, Arrangements
Joe Ferla Engineering, Mixing, Production
Jason Olaine Production
Craig Handy Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Bass Clarinet
Earl Gardner Trumpet
Gary Smulyan Baritone Saxophone
Jim Pugh Trombone
Samson Olawale Percussion Sample (6)
Jeannie Scofield Sequencing
Susan Scofield Executive Production
Mike Lapierre Engineering Assistance
Fran Flannery Pro Tools Operation
Claudius Mittendorfer Engineering Assistance
Jon Belec Engineering Assistance
Eric Carlinsky Mixing Assistance
Greg Calbi Mastering
Camus Celli Percussion Sample Engineering
Patrick Murray PO-PO Audience Participation Live Engineering
Yusef Lateef Samples on "Philiopiety"
Recorded December, 2002 at Long View Farm Studios, West Brookfield, MA.

Horns recorded January, 2003 at The Hit Factory, NYC.

Mixed at Bear Tracks Studio, Suffern, NY.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Percussion samples recorded at Crushproof Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

PO-PO audience participation recorded live at Club Helsinki, Great Barrington, MA.