John Petrucci "Rock Discipline"

John Petrucci "Rock Discipline"


John Petrucci
Rock Discipline
The Story
With "Rock Discipline", get ready for a two hour epic on the art of modern rock guitar. After a valuable segment on warming up, John Petrucci (Dream Theater) covers how to develop speed and accuracy, chromatic exercises, playing with dynamics, connecting scale fragments to form long solo lines, and much, much more.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, Backstage With John, G3 Tour Footage, Hilarious Bloopers on the Set, Interactive Tour of John's Guitar, Tuning Segment, Dream Theater Discography, Internet Connectivity, Printable Lessons.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: All

Clear and detailed instruction is given on screen.

Additional Facts
John Petrucci grew up on Long Island, where he, John Myung & Kevin Moore all attended school together. He started playing guitar at the age of 12, quickly realized his influences, and was determined to reach their level of ability. Some early influences include Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, Iron Maiden, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Yes, Rush, etc. As the rise of thrash and metal hit John expanded his influences to include bands like Metallica & Queensryche. His musical education began with a great music theory class he took in high school. Being primarily self taught, he did receive a few lessons when he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he learned jazz composition and harmony. While at Berklee, John and John Myung who was also attending, met Mike Portnoy and started a band called Majesty which would later turn into Dream Theater. John has recorded 7 albums with Dream Theater, and has also been involved in several side projects including Liquid Tension Experiment with Tony Levin, Age of Impact and even a Sega Saturn game called Necronomicon.