John Paul Jones "Zooma"

John Paul Jones "Zooma"

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John Paul Jones
The Story
Reviewer James Rotondi, "It should come as no surprise that several of the tracks on ex-Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones's gutsy first solo album, "Zooma", breathe post-punk fire: the pile-driving title track, wrapped in a gurgling sound collage, pummels a classic John Paul bass riff with a "sick guitar solo" by the Surfers' Paul Leary. Jones reclaims Zeppelin as his own even as he transcends it. "Snake Eyes," an eerie blues epic arranged with orchestral strings around Jones's superb organ playing, suggests "When the Levee Breaks" filtered through Igor Stravinsky or Bernard Herrmann; and you can't miss the echoes of "Trampled Under Foot" in the bass figures of "B. Fingers." The instrumental "Zooma" reinforces Jones's integral role in Zeppelin, his influential and still vital bass playing, and his...well, balls."
The Music
05:52 Zooma Instrumental
05:20 Grind Instrumental
05:50 The Smile Of Your Shadow Instrumental
04:38 Goose Instrumental
02:32 Bass 'N' Drums Instrumental
05:26 B. Fingers Instrumental
07:32 Snake Eyes Instrumental
05:48 Nosumi Blues Instrumental
06:50 Tidal Instrumental
The Artists
John Paul Jones 10 String Bass, Electric Mandola, Kyma, 12 String Bass, Bass Lap Steel, 4 String Bass, Guitars, Organ Solo, 10 String Bass Solo, Production, Mixing, Engineering, Arrangement, Orchestral Conducting, Strange Encounter
Pete Thomas Drums
Paul Leary Sick Guitar Solo
Trey Gunn Touch Guitar Solo
Mo Jones Executive Production, Strange Encounter
Denny Fongheiser Djembe, Drums
Richard Evans Engineering, Mixing
Stuart Sullivan Engineering
Brian Foraker Engineering
Geoff Foster Engineering
Tim Young Mastering
Akio Morishima Design
Strings on "Snake Eyes" by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Photography by Amy and Tanveer.

Recorded at The Malthouse, London, UK, Skip Saylor, Los Angeles, CA, Pedernales Studios, Spicewood, TX, and Air Studios, London, UK.

Mixed at The Malthouse, London, UK.

Mastered at Metropolis, London, UK.