John 5 "Requiem"

John 5 "Requiem"

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John 5
The Story
Guitarist John 5 is known as one of the best modern shredders around (2007 winner Best Shred Album of the Year for "The Devil Knows My Name" in Guitar World Reader's Poll). He's even likened to the Page or Hendrix of this generation. He's worked with Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, David Lee Roth, Leah Andreone, 2wo, Meat Loaf, Paul Stanley, Ryan Downe, Hazy Dreams, and Rodger Carter. "Requiem" is his fourth solo effort, and features more metal, hard rock and country fried licks than you can shake a stick at.
The Music
04:17 Sounds Of Impalement Instrumental
03:51 Heretic's Fork Instrumental
05:23 Noisemaker's File Instrumental
01:36 Pity Belt Instrumental
05:40 Cleansing The Soul Instrumental
04:24 The Judas Cradle Instrumental
01:01 Pear Of Anguish Instrumental
05:35 The Lead Sprinkler Instrumental
06:46 Scavenger's Daughter Instrumental
04:27 Requiem Instrumental
The Artists
John 5 All Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Production, Executive Production
Tommy Clufetos Drums
Chris Baseford Production, Engineering
Will Thompson Engineering Assistance
Gabrielle Geiselman Photography
Recorded at The Chop Shop, Hollywood, California.

Mastered at Undercurrent Studios.

Hair and makeup by Roxy Dott.

Graphic design by Piggy D.