Joe Satriani "Time Machine"

Joe Satriani "Time Machine"

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Joe Satriani
Time Machine
The Story
"Time Machine" is a double CD set, one disc of studio material (including four tracks from the long-out-of-print "Joe Satriani" EP) and a disc of killer live versions of some of Satriani's best songs. To hear pieces like "Flying In A Blue Dream" performed live can be riveting entertainment, but it also confirms that these ripping ideas aren't just pasted together--or at least that they're not impossible to execute as one continuous stream of playing. "Time Machine" makes an excellent first CD for new fans of Satriani instrumental guitar and will give longtime fans some new examples of incredible guitar playing.
The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
05:06 Time Machine Instrumental
05:11 The Mighty Turtle Head Instrumental
04:21 All Alone Instrumental
06:02 Banana Mango II Instrumental
03:55 Thinking Of You Instrumental
04:04 Crazy Vocal
05:12 Speed Of Light Instrumental
02:16 Baroque Instrumental
04:12 Dweller On The Threshold Instrumental
02:42 Banana Mango Instrumental
03:36 Dreaming #11 Instrumental
03:56 I Am Become Death Instrumental
02:53 Saying Goodbye Instrumental
16:07 Woodstock Jam Instrumental
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
03:58 Satch Boogie Instrumental
06:01 Summer Song Instrumental
05:24 Flying In A Blue Dream Instrumental
06:26 Cryin' Instrumental
05:48 The Crush Of Love Instrumental
01:50 Tears In The Rain Instrumental
03:40 Always With Me, Always With You Instrumental
05:23 Big Bad Moon Vocal
04:39 Surfing With The Alien Instrumental
06:42 Rubina Instrumental
04:14 Circles Instrumental
02:15 Drum Solo Instrumental
05:43 Lords Of Karma Instrumental
07:49 Echo Instrumental
The Artists
Joe Satriani Guitar, Keybaords, Bass, Vocals, Vocal Sounds, Production, Arrangements, Mixing, Photography
Stuart Hamm Bass
Jonathan Mover Drums, Percussion
John Cuniberti Production, Engineering, Drum Programming, Mixing, Photography
Tom Coster Organ
Phil Ashley Sequencer, Keyboards
Simon Phillips Drums
Jeff Campitelli Drums, Cymbals, Hi-Hat, Percussion, Drum Programming
Andy Johns Prodcution, Engineering
Matt Bissonette Bass
Gregg Bissonette Drums, Bass Drum
Bongo Bob Smith Drum Programming
Doug Wimbish Bass
Mike Robinson Engineering
David Bianco Engineering
Kooster McAllister Engineering Assistance
Jeff Griffin Production
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Neill King Engineering Assistance
Bart Stevens Engineering Assistance
Michael Semanick Engineering Assistance
David Plank Engineering Assistance
Dan Bosworth Engineering Assistance
Kevin Scott Engineering Assistance
Michael Reiter Engineering Assistance
Michael Llewellyn Cover Art
David Bett Art Direction
Mick Bridgen Art Direction
Allan Wei Design
Kathy Milone Design
Steve Jennings Photography
Neil Zlozower Photography
Ken Friedman Photography
Mark Baker Photography
Gene Ambo Photography
Kristin Callahan Photography
Larry DiMarzio Photography
Melodie Gimple Photography
Ray Palmer Photography
Lori Stoll Photography
Pat Johnson Photography
Rudy Arias Photography
Armando Gallo Photography
Mark Leialoha Photography
Dave Kohls Photography
Patrick Lugo Photography
All songs written and arranged by Joe Satriani except "All Alone" written by Billie Holiday and Mal Waldron.

Recorded at The Site, May, 1993, Bearsville, 1990-91, Alpha & Omega, 1990-91, Fantasy Studios, 1990-91, 1992-93, Coast Recorders, 1990-91, Ocean Way, 1992-93, Record One 1991-93, The Plant, 1991-93, Hyde Street, 1986-87, Likewise, 1984, The Barn, Bearsville, 1990.

Mixed at The Site, May, 1993, The Plant, Sausalito, June, 1993, Alpha & Omega, 1991, Likewise, 1984.

Live tracks recorded at: Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, December, 1992, Orpheum Theatre, Boston, December, 1992, The Apollo, Hammersmith, March, 1993, The California Theatre, San Diego, June, 1988.

All live tracks mixed at The Plant Recording Studios, Sausalito, CA.

Mastered at Gateay Mastering, Portland, Maine.