Joe Satriani "Super Colossal"

Joe Satriani "Super Colossal"

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Joe Satriani
Super Colossal
The Story
With thirteen new songs on "Super Colossal", Joe Satriani completes his transformation from stunning instrumentalist to fully-realized artist. Since the late '80s, the guitar virtuoso has been winning over fans and musicians alike with his groundbreaking style and legendary sounds. Co-Produced by Joe Satriani and Mike Fraser (AC/DC), "Super Colossal" features Joe performing on all of the guitar and bass parts. Live drums were cut on four tracks by session giant Simon Phillips, the rest were played by Satriani's longtime collaborator Jeff Campitelli. The 13 diverse tracks on the album range from the title track's thundering, foot-stomp beat and intricately textured lead line, to the spiritual intensity of "A Love Eternal" and the raucous, party-down exhilaration of "Crowd Chant."
The Music
04:14 Super Colossal Instrumental
04:01 Just Like Lightnin' Instrumental
04:14 It's So Good Instrumental
04:50 Redshift Riders Instrumental
03:28 Ten Words Instrumental
06:13 A Cool New Way Instrumental
06:16 One Robot's Dream Instrumental
04:34 The Meaning Of Love Instrumental
05:32 Made Of Tears Instrumental
04:39 Theme For A Strange World Instrumental
04:05 Movin' On Instrumental
03:33 A Love Eternal Instrumental
03:14 Crowd Chant Instrumental
The Artists
Joe Satriani All Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Production, Engineering. Liner Notes
Jeff Campitelli Drums, Percussion (Except on Tracks 6, 7, 8 and 9)
Simon Phillips Drums on Tracks 6, 7, 8 and 9, Additional Recording
Eric Caudieux Editing, Sound Design
Mike Fraser Production, Engineering (Armoury Sessions), Mixing
Rob Stefanson Engineering Assistance
Stephan Nordin Engineering Assistance
George Marino Mastering
Mick Brigden Direction
Rex Ray Art Direction, Design
Greg Waterman Photography
Max Sample Chant
Adrian Underhill Chant
David Martone Chant
Colin Nairne Chant
Mimi Northcott Chant
Brad Colwell Chant
Oless Pasichnyk Chant
Clayton Lawrence Chant
Tony Brinks Chant
Tanis Keserich Chant
Gordon Brown Chant
Wendy Bird Chant
Candice Johnson Chant
Donna King Chant
Lee Goddard Chant
Peter Davyduck Chant
Steve Brand Chant
Danica Sawczuk Chant
Bruce Morrison Chant
Ian Jones Chant
Aaron Pritchett Chant
Nenah Barkley Chant
Mitch Merrett Chant
Todd Walsh Chant
Jennifer Lactin Chant
Davor Vulama Chant
Don Kurek Chant
Natasha Maher Chant
Dean Maher Chant
Jimmy Leslie Chant
Mike Manning Chant
Robin Nash Chant
Jarrod Nestibo Chant
Jane Dittrich Chant
Recorded at Studio 21; drums and additional recording at The Armoury, Vancouver, BC.

Even more recording at Phantom Studios, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Mixed at The Armoury.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.