Joe Satriani "Crystal Planet"

Joe Satriani "Crystal Planet"

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Joe Satriani
Crystal Planet
The Story
"Crystal Planet" is an all instrumental record finding Satriani taking more chances than ever. There are some familiar hard rock and ballad offerings, but what's amazing about this CD is that it shows Satriani's guitar technique continuing to develop and improve, as he explores every splinter of wood on his fretboard. Recorded with the great Stu Hamm on bass and Jeff Campitelli pounding the skins, the energy level is consistently peaked, and the solo work is astounding. Some consider "Crystal Planet" to be Satriani's finest all-instrumental effort since 1987's "Surfing With the Alien".
The Music
04:09 Up In The Sky Instrumental
05:33 House Full Of Bullets Instrumental
04:34 Crystal Planet Instrumental
03:50 Love Thing Instrumental
05:13 Trundrumbalind Instrumental
04:23 Lights Of Heaven Instrumental
05:21 Raspberry Jam Delta-V Instrumental
04:53 Ceremony Instrumental
05:47 With Jupiter In Mind Instrumental
04:27 Secret Prayer Instrumental
03:42 A Train Of Angels Instrumental
03:04 A Piece Of Liquid Instrumental
04:36 Psycho Monkey Instrumental
05:05 Time Instrumental
03:00 Z.Z.'s Song Instrumental
The Artists
Joe Satriani Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Guitar Synthesizer, Keyboards, Hand Claps, Production, Mixing
Stuart Hamm Bass
Jeff Campitelli Drums, Percussion, Hand Claps
Eric Caudieux Programming, Editing, Keyboards, Editing, Orchestration
Mike Fraser Production, Engineering, Mixing, Hand Claps
Zac Allentuck Mixing Assistance
Kent Matke Engineering Assistance
Kevin Scott Engineering Assistance, Mixing Assistance
Mike Manning Hand Claps
Elk Thunder Percussion
Eric Valentine Drums, Percussion, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Bass, Keyboards
John Cuniberti Engineering, Production
Rhoades Howe Assistant Engineering, Percussion
Stephen Hart Engineering Assistance
Judy Kirschner Engineering Assistance
George Marino Mastering
Rex Ray Art Direction
Neil Zlozower Photography
Written by Joe Satriani and Z.Z. Satriani.

Recorded at The Plant Studios, H.O.S. Recording, Hyde Street Studios, Fantasy Studios and The Site

Mixed at Coast Recorders, Fantasy Studios and The Site.

Mastered at Sterling Sound.