Jesse Cook "Montreal"

Jesse Cook "Montreal"

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Jesse Cook
The Story
Finally, the CD that Jesse Cook's fans have wanted for years! Capturing the fire of his jaw-dropping live shows, Juno Award-winning rumba flamenco master Jesse Cook issues his first-ever live album, "Montreal". Recorded at the Metropolis Theater during Le Festival International de Jazz de "Montreal", the album features Cook's stand-out hits "Mario Takes A Walk", "Rattle And Burn", and "Fall At Your Feet" (featuring Danny Wilde on vocals). Cook's live shows - he performs regularly throughout his native Canada, the U.S., Asia, and points beyond - are notorious for drawing throngs of fans who sin and dance along during the entire performance. Those in attendance who may not yet be as familiar with his intoxicating rumba flamenco are quickly placed under the spell of passionate guitar work, Moorish rhythms, and Cook's smoldering on-stage charisma.
The Music
03:32 Beloved Instrumental
03:41 Rattle And Burn Instrumental
04:01 Cascada Instrumental
03:41 Breeze From Saintes Maries Instrumental
02:48 Jumpstart Instrumental
02:43 Air Instrumental
05:52 Luna Llena Instrumental
07:36 Closer To Madness Instrumental
05:22 Tempest Instrumental
03:09 Querido Amigo Instrumental
04:31 Dance Of Spring Instrumental
05:46 Mario Takes A Walk Instrumental
06:37 Baghdad Instrumental
04:01 Fall At Your Feet Vocal
The Artists
Jesse Cook Guitar, Production, Vocal Overdub Engineering
Paul Antonio Drums
Art Avalos Percussion
Collin Barrett Bass
Chris Church Violin, Vocals
Nicolas Hernandez Guitar
Hampig Djavorian Dudek
Maryem Tollar Vocals
Danny Wilde Vocals
Rick Shadrach Lazar Repinque, Artistic Direction
Negin Bahrami Surdo
Greg Meleca Surdo
Danielle Lafond Surdo
Frank Hayashi Caixa
Tony Pierre Tamborims
Gili Gurvitz Tamborims
Layah Davis Tamborims
Lyba Spring Bell
Guiomar Campbell Shaker
Doug McClement Engineering
Gary Thomkins Engineering Assistance
Carl Gosine Front Of House Mixing
Steve Meacher Mointoring
Robin Easton Stage Technician
Scott Lake Editing
John Holbrook Mixing
Greg Kolchinsky Mixing Assistance
Colin Nairne Executive Production
Rich Denhart Executive Production
Trevor Sadler Mastering
Hugh Hartshorne Photography
Antoine Moonen Design
Connie Gage Creative Coordination
Recorded live July 9th, 2004 at the Metropolis Theatre by LiveWire.

Edited from a two-hour show down to a one-hour show at Coach House Music.

Mixed at Phase One Studios.

Danny's vocals on "Fall At Your Feet" recorded at Pueblo Sound, Thousand Oaks, CA and mixed at Coach House Studios.

Mastered at Mastermind Productions.