James Murphy "Feeding The Machine"

James Murphy "Feeding The Machine"

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James Murphy
Feeding The Machine
The Story
James Murphy, known for his work with numerous metal bands and Testament, ventures out on his own with his second solo album, "Feeding The Machine". This powerful new album includes special guests such as vocalist Chuck Billy, vocalist Clark Brown, bassist Steve DiGiorgio, and drummer Deen Castronovo. Vitalij Kuprij contributes a keyboard solo to the title track, while Stuart Hamm plays bass on the Dixie Dregs cover track "Odyssey". The CD is neatly arranged with five instrumentals and five vocal tracks, each even-numbered track being an instrumental. Murphy also covers Al DiMeola's "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway", as well as contributes three brand new metal-based instrumentals. Heavy metal in the Murphy style - another ripping album with which to feed your CD player.
The Music
06:14 Feeding The Machine Vocal
05:20 Contagion Instrumental
06:01 No One Can Tell You Vocal
07:15 Epoch Instrumental
06:19 Deconstruct Vocal
07:35 Odyssey Instrumental
07:42 Through Your Eyes (Distant Mirrors) Vocal
06:20 Race With Devil On Spanish Highway Instrumental
07:01 Visitors Vocal
03:46 In Lingua Mortua Instrumental
The Artists
James Murphy Guitars, Additional Keyboards, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Steve DiGiorgio Bass
Deen Castronovo Drums
Stuart Hamm Bass on "Odyssey"
Jeremy Colson Drums on "Visitors", "Odyssey", "Race With Devil on Spanish Highway", "Epoch" and "Deconstruct"
Clark Brown Vocals on "Feeding The Machine" and "Deconstruct"
Chuck Billy Vocals on "No One Can Tell You"
John West Vocals on "Visitors"
Chris Long Vocals on "Through Your Eyes (Distant Mirrors)"
Trent Gardner Vocals in Middle Section on "Through Your Eyes (Distant Mirrors)"
Matt Guillory All Keys on "Visitors", "Odyssey", "Race With Devil On Spanish Highway", "Epoch" and Key Solo on "Contagion"
Vitalij Kuprij Keyboard Solo on "Feeding The Machine"
Chris Kontos Percussion on "Race With Devil on Spanish Highway"
Lonnie Park Backing Vocals on "Visitors", Vocal Engineering
Gustavo Vengas Engineering Assistance
Chistopher Ash Mixing Assistance, Mastering
Tony Leone Vocal Engineering
Mike Varney Executive Production
Dave McKean Cover Design, Illustration, Photography
Max McMullin 3-D Programming
Steve Jennings Portrait Photography
Recorded and mixed at Sound Temple Studio, Oakland, CA.

Lead and backing vocals for "Visitors" recorded at Ultimate Sound, Cortland, NY.

Vocals for "Feeding The Machine" and "Deconstruct" recorded at Tone-Def Studio.

Mastered at Sound ONE Productions, El Cerritto, CA.