"Jam With Paul Kossoff"

 "Jam With Paul Kossoff"


Jam With Paul Kossoff
The Story
Free formed in 1968 releasing their first album "Tons Of Sobs" in November of that year. The album highlights the remarkable feel of Paul Kossoff's playing on an old Albert King track "The Hunter". Before Paul Kossoff's untimely death in 1976, his guitar playing combined with Paul Rodgers bluesy vocals created a legacy of influential tracks including the all time classic "All Right Now". "Jam With Paul Kossoff" and Free allows you to sit in the lead guitar spot as you track with a backing band laying down classic Free.

This guitar workshop is a powerful learning tool that will help you to extend your stockpile of licks and fills and develop your improvisational skills. The combination of musical notation and guitar tablature in this book together with backing tracks on the CD gives you the opportunity to learn eight of Free's tracks note for note and then jam with a professional session band. The track listing reflects some of Free's most popular recordings, providing something for guitarists to have fun with and improvise with, as well as something to aspire to.

Features the following tracks: "All Right Now", "The Hunter", "Mr. Big", "Wishing Well", "Fire And Water", "My Brother Jake", "The Stealer", "I'm A Mover".

The first eight tracks on the CD are full length backing tracks recorded minus lead guitar. The remaining tracks feature the backing tracks with the lead guitar added. Although many of you will have all the original tracks in your own collection, we have provided them in the package for your reference. The "JAM WITH..." series allows you to accurately recreate the original, or to use the transcriptions in this book in conjunction with the backing tracks as a basis for your own improvisation.

Additional Facts
From little acorns, oak trees grow. A chance meeting on the sunny island of Lanzarote in 1991 has led to a great musical and business success story. Stuart Bull (one half of Total Accuracy's founding team) was playing guitar to a blues backing track in a tourist bar Kim Waller (the other half of the team, and an aspiring guitarist) watched him perform and was suitably impressed. Later, Kim approached Stuart to make a backing track for his own personal use, which he did. Kim then discovered his playing improved in leaps and bounds. This gave the pair a great idea....

A mere six months after their original meeting, Kim and Stuart formed Total Accuracy. They produced full-band CD backing tracks of original blues and rock styles for guitarists to practice and improvise over. This was later expanded to include classic rock, pop and blues songs, coming complete with full guitar tablature and two versions of each song on the CD. One is complete with the guitar part - to hear what it should sound like - and one professional backing track where the guitar is missing, so you can fill it in.

Total Accuracy has gone on to become the world's best producer of backing track CDs for guitarists, winning awards and becoming the market leader in just eight short years.

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