Hurwitz/Sudo "The Book Of Six Strings"

Hurwitz/Sudo "The Book Of Six Strings"


The Book Of Six Strings
The Story
Philip Toshio Sudo, founder of the Zen Guitar movement, and guitarist and educator Tobias Hurwitz present this follow-up to the best-selling "Zen Guitar" book. Inside, you will find musical examples that will help you bring the Zen philosophy to life on your guitar. Learn how these ancient ideas can help you become more "in the moment" in your musical approach. "The Book Of Six Strings" will help you break out of a creative rut or take your playing to the next level. This book's centerpiece is "One Sound One Song," composed by Philip Toshio Sudo as a musical launching pad for Zen Guitar exploration. You'll also find inspiring quotes, philosophical concepts and historical facts mixed in with the musical examples. If you are looking to be inspired and to deepen your spirituality and musical understanding, this book is for you.

A CD is included with musical examples and helpful material.


* "One Sound One Song," a musical introduction to Zen Guitar.

* Musical examples and exercises for beginning through advanced musicians.

* A historical and philosophical introduction to Zen.

* How to use the Zen Guitar altered tuning.

* Chords and strums for many styles of music.

Additional Facts
Tobias Hurwitz is an instructor at The National Guitar Workshop. He is the author of the book "Learn How To Transcribe For Guitar", also published by The National Guitar Workshop and Alfred.

Tobias resides in Baltimore, Maryland where he leads his band and teaches privately. His award winning instrumental release "Painted Sky" is now available. Tobias is a contributing writer for Guitar Magazine and Guitar One Magazine. He also endorses PRS guitars, Budda amps and Ernie Ball strings.