Hughes-Turner Project "HTP"

Hughes-Turner Project "HTP"

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Hughes-Turner Project
The Story
The Hughes-Turner Project's 2002 release "HTP" unites the two former Deep Purple frontmen, Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, together in a twin vocal assault of no holds hard rock that delivers on all fronts. Guitar duties on this surprisingly heavy release are primarily handled by J.J. Marsh, but some amazing guest solos are provided by monsters Paul GIlbert, John Sykes and Akira Kajiyama. "HTP" finds this duo taking the Rainbow and Deep Purple sound and legacy to the next level. Experience does count for something after all.
The Music
05:46 Devil's Road Vocal
04:45 You Can't Stop Rock N' Roll Vocal
05:09 Missed Your Name Vocal
05:57 Mystery Of The Heart Vocal
05:03 Sister Midnight Vocal
05:29 Better Man Vocal
07:11 Heaven's Missing An Angel Vocal
06:55 Fade Away Vocal
03:53 Ride The Storm Vocal
03:54 Run Run Run Vocal
04:36 Against The Wall Vocal
07:12 On The Ledge Vocal
The Artists
J.J. Marsh Guitars
John Sykes Guitars, Guest Guitar Solom Background Vocals
Paul Gilbert Guest Guitar Solo
Akira Kajiyama Guest Guitar Solo
Glenn Hughes Bass, Vocals, Production
Joe Lynn Turner Vocals, Production
Vince Dicola Keyboards
Shane Gaalaas Drums, Percussion
Michael Scott Engineering, Mixing, Production
Scott Hull Mastering
Darwin Foye Darwin Foye
John Harrell Photography
Recorded at Diamond In The Rough, Los Angeles, CA.

Mixed at Westlake Audio, Hollywood, CA.

Mastered at Classic Sound.

Makeup by Randi Mavestrand.