How To Get Guitar Endorsements

This is a question I often get asked. There would be so much to say on this topic but let's try to give a hint and keep it simple. There are many ways a deal can happen and bring mutual benefits for the endorsed and endorser. First, put yourself in the shoes of your potential endorser. Would you give away a beautiful guitar, a piece of gear, etc. to someone in return for his support?

The answer is "yes" if the benefits are higher than the investment. Logical, huh?

Skills count for nothing.

You must show that you can increase this company's sales, and that your reputation as a respected guitar artist will bring them something more. Let's see. You have a lot of traffic on your YouTube channel/guitar blog or perform 70 gigs a year? Not bad, just go for it! Be passionate, enthusiastic and diplomatic.

Most of the deals are around a 50-60% discount, as companies must at least cover their own production fees, as well as taxes and shipping.

Aside from strings and guitar picks, it is very rare a brand gives away 100% free gear. But let's put it this way, the bigger you are, the cheaper you'll get it!

Some companies also have talent searches, band competitions and contests, and marketing incentives where they gladly give away gear. If you rely only on talent, luck and skills, this is for you!

If you aren't endorsed yet but think you are worth it, I'd suggest you start with smaller pieces of gear such as pickups, strings, guitar picks, etc. in order to create that momentum that will lead to bigger. It is unlikely you will land a major guitar company in your first deal.


  • Don't make the mistake of endorsing gear you haven't tried! What is the point of having a free distortion pedal that sucks? Don't get stuck in a deal that will eventually embarrasses you.
  • Make sure the company's website features artists' endorsers' links. Endorsement is a partnership after all.
  • Big companies have tons of endorsers and are unlikely to care much about you once the deal has been completed. A smaller, but active company will talk about you and possibly offer you clinic performance opportunities.
  • Don't accept 15% discount endorsements offers. It is just a common discount anyone can get.
  • Remember that some companies simply don't work with endorsements at all. Don't bother them.

Hope this helps. More tips later!

ow about you now? Would you like to endorse guitar gear?

Are you unsure is this the right time for you, or where to ask? Let's go over your strengths and weaknesses together. Contact me!

Roo Chapus is a professional musician and entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland who founded Mad Guitar Records in 2009 after the release of his debut album "Guitar Without A Cause".

He has released an instructional DVD, endorsed many brands, and gathered millions viewers on YouTube.

Roo Chapus