House Of Shakira "Live At FireFest 2005"

House Of Shakira "Live At FireFest 2005"


House Of Shakira
Live At FireFest 2005
The Story
Swedish melodic rock sensations House Of Shakira rocked the prestigious FireFest festival in the UK on May 7th 2005 with a set list spanning their career from the 1997 debut "Lint" to 2004's critically acclaimed "First Class'". "Live At FireFest 2005" showcases one of the most original bands on the AOR/Melodic Hard Rock scene and displays the band living up to their legend.

"Live At FireFest 2005" is a unique release from a rather unique band. The thing that set this DVD apart from so many other live DVDs today is that this is a real live recording! It's the real thing, no overdubs except a few small repaired parts caused from audio drop-outs and errors on some of the original recorded tracks. The concert features both Andreas Eklund and Mikael Eriksson on vocals and the crowd are obviously thrilled to hear songs from all the bands records. This release is a celebration to all who still play in real bands versus the flooding market of projects out there.

House of Shakira has been around for some fifteen years now and the members are still in the band for the same reason as when they started it - to play the music they hear in their heads no matter what the flavor of the year is. The DVD is also a celebration of the history of House of Shakira as it contains material covering their whole history. You-ll get to see the band's first steps on the club scene in Stockholm, moving further to some super rare TV performances right up to last year's electrifying performance.

Special DVD features include: Widescreen Presentation, 5.1 Surround Sound Audio, Digital Stereo, House Of Shakira Biography, House Of Shakira/The Station Videos '89-'91.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "The Song Remains", "Uncontrolled", "In Your Head", "Hey Lord", "Best Of Times", "Wings-Seven Bridges Road", "Morning Over Morocco", "You Are", "Method Of Madness" and "Pellucid (Part 2)".