Hess/Kalkbrenner "Rock Tracks Volume 1"


Rock Tracks Volume 1
The Story
The "Rock Tracks Volume 1" Lead Guitar Improvising CD, with Tom Hess and contains 11 rhythm tracks with complete band in a variety of rock styles. The CD booklet insert contains instructions about what scales can be played over each track. Using the "Rock Tracks Volume 1" CD will be a very important part of your lead guitar and improvisation growth as a musician! Everyone wants to be a star with their own professional band backing them up... and now you can, order the "Rock Tracks Volume 1" CD today!

Features the following tracks: "Heavy Rock in F# minor", "Ballad In E Major", "Slow Rock in B minor", "Rock in E Lydian", "Acoustic in A minor", "Heavy Rock in C# Minor", "Rock in A Major", "Slow Rock in E minor", "Ballad in C Major", "Heavy Rock in D minor" and "Blues in A minor".

"Rock Tracks Volume 1" is the first volume release from Tom Hess and Chris Kalkbrenner.

Additional Facts
"Tom Hess is a great and gifted guitarist with an impeckable technique." - Janne Stark Sweden Rock Magazine