Hellecasters "Hell III-New Axes To Grind"

Hellecasters "Hell III-New Axes To Grind"

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Hell III-New Axes To Grind
The Story
"Hell III-New Axes To Grind" is the 1997 release from guitar phenoms Jerry Donahue, John Jorgenson and Will Ray. The trio open the CD with "T.W.P.P.T", a song written by all three members (our personal Frankenstein, says Ray). The hard edge continues through "Riddler's Journey", slowing down a little with the Will Ray composition entitled "Ghosts Of 42nd Street", a piece based on New York City jazz in the '30s and '40s. Next, Jorgenson pays tribute to Indian pop music with the original song "Mist Beyond Delhi". Songs such as the twangy "Mad Cows At Ease" and the face paced finale "Breaking Through" nearly stop the show. It's hard to believe this trio could push the guitar envelope even further, but on "Hell III-New Axes To Grind", boy did they ever!
The Music
05:58 T.W.P.P.T. Instrumental
05:30 Riddler's Journey Instrumental
05:20 Ghosts Of 42nd Street Instrumental
06:09 Mist Beyond Delhi Instrumental
05:05 Almost Dawn Instrumental
03:56 Mad Cows At Ease Instrumental
05:51 As We Know It Instrumental
03:38 Mr. Natural Instrumental
04:24 Deiter's Lounge Instrumental
08:51 Breaking Through Instrumental
The Artists
Jerry Donahue Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Choral Sitar, Synth, Arpeggio and Unison Guitars, Engineering, Arrangement, Production, Mixing, Mastering
John Jorgenson Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm Guitars, Hammond & Vox Organs, Synth, Acoustic Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Bandurilla, Archtop Guitar, Six String Bass, Keyboards, Electric Mandolin, ARP Axxe, Nuclear Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Vibes, Strings, 12 String Guitar, Engineering, Arrangement, Production, Mixing, Mastering
Will Ray Melody, Rhythm & Harmony Guitars, Sitar, Slide Guitar, Solo Guitar, Dobro, Engineering, Arrangement, Production, Mixing, Mastering
Dennis Belfield Bass, Fretless Bass Solo
Steve Duncan Drums, Percussion, Electric Tom
Bob Birch Bass
Charlie Morgan Drums, Loop Programming
Guy Babylon Keyboard
Pete Lewis Engineering
Andy Green Engineering
Michael McDonald Mixing, Mastering
Nathaniel Welch Photography
Ilene Weingard Art Direction, Design
John Ford Photography
All rhythm tracks and John's overdubs were engineered at Jorgensound Studios in Hollywood, California except "Mist Beyond Delhi" and "Deiter's Lounge" which was engineered at the Town House Studios in London, England.

Will's guitar tracks were engineered at Rambo Studios A, C, D, G & M in Burbank, California, God's Country.

Jerry's guitar tracks were engineered at Iris of Hollywood Studios in Hollywood, California.

Mixed and mastered at Private Island Trax in Hollywood, California.