Hellecasters "Escape From Hollywood"

Hellecasters "Escape From Hollywood"

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Escape From Hollywood
The Story
For their sophomore effort, "Escape From Hollywood", the three guitarists known as the Hellecasters (Jerry Donahue, Will Ray, John Jorgenson) go beyond the musical soundscapes they advanced in their first CD. Featuring more rock influences this time, the soloing is incredibly nimble and prolific ("Axe To Grind" features and amazing ten distinct solos!) As Dirty Linen magazine proclaimed, "Listening to the Hellecasters is like allowing yourself to be strapped into the back seat of some turbo-charged, sci-fi vehicle that careens through time and across continents with little regard for taste, sense, or safety. All three guitarists play Fender Telecasters, and they take what could be overkill and turn it into a killer album. The uninitiated will be surprised at how many different sounds can be coaxed from a single instrument; these Telecasters growl and croon and chatter and wail. "Escape From Hollywood" is a primer of the distinctive voices born of the meeting of guitarist and guitar."
The Music
03:57 Danger Man Instrumental
02:39 Inspector Gadget Instrumental
04:16 Valley Of The Pharaohs Instrumental
04:42 Son Becomes Father Instrumental
05:03 Hanging At Tom & Rita's Instrumental
03:36 Axe To Grind Instrumental
05:57 Between Twilight & Dawn Instrumental
03:28 Mad For Mothra Instrumental
05:29 Lost In Kashmir Instrumental
05:43 La Journee Des Tziganes Instrumental
04:02 Bordertown Instrumental
04:31 A Point In Time Instrumental
03:55 Major Troutage Instrumental
The Artists
Jerry Donahue Guitar, Gong, "Noise" Solos, Electric Alto Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Production, Arrangement
Will Ray Guitar, Sitar, "Noise" Solos, Electric 12-String, Slide Guitar, Production, Arrangement
John Jorgenson Guitar, Vox Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Synthesizer, Tambourine, Hammond Organ, Piano, Strings, Flamenco Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar, Percussion, Production, Arrangement
Dennis Belfield Bass, Low Bass
Steve Duncan Drums
John Hobbs Hammond Organ, Synthesizer
Luis Conte Percussion, Congas, Timbales
Michael McDonald Engineering, Mixing, Major Slatage at Intro of "Major Troutage"
Bob Kearny Engineering
Eric Nordquist Engineering
Joe Gastwirt Mastering
Gayle Ray Inside Photography, Back Cover Painting
Jeff Adamoff Art Direction, Design
Nathaniel Welch Cover Photography
John Houseman CD Art
Tracking at Trax Recording.

Overdubs recorded at Rambo Studios A, C, F, G & L, Iris of Hollywood, Jorgensounds, Lloyd Studios.

Mixed at Trax.

Mastered at Oceanview Digital Mastering.