The Guitarist As A Composer

Consider the common perception of The Kamasutra, most individuals believe it concerns various contortions to be applied to sexual intercourse and for that matter the reproductive system in general. The intention behind this system is more spiritually based however, concentrating on the bigger picture. You know, the universe and stuff.

It struck me that the same misunderstanding is prevalent in guitar player's minds. We regularly concern ourselves with were to put our fingers, and in which order, often forgetting the reason for doing so in the first place. Secondary only to our need to get chicks, our main aim should be to write good music.

In closing, you may be wondering why karma as opposed to kama? As the law of karma states, "If you think good thoughts about your guitar they will come back to you three fold."

Scottish guitarist Gerry Magee has recently completed work on his debut solo album, entitled "The Middle Pillar". He has been teaching guitar privately for five years to students of all styles and abilities.

Prior to recording "The Middle Pillar", Gerry performed as a guitarist and composer for the group Serenade on their second release, "The 28th Parallel".

Gerry Magee