Guitar On YouTube: Matthias Kahra: If You Want To Play Fast...

German guitarist Matthias Kahra is a working musician in Berlin. Since 2001 he has been working as a freelancer in a wide variety of musical styles.

He played with national and international acts, appeared on radio and TV and took part in CD and theater productions. In recent years, Matthias has played over 1,000 concerts and traveled through Germany and Europe on his tours. Following is a partial list of artists he has worked with: Jimmy Somerville, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, Andrew Roachford, Ute Lemper, Kate Ryan, Maite Kelly, Stefan Jürgens, Bobo In The White Wooden Houses, Lenn Kudrjawitzki and Maira Rothe.

This lesson is a way to acquire speed, in Kahra's words, "naturally". His exercises and warm-ups, including this one, always have two things in common: they are melodic and they are fun to play. The advantage is that you are learning and growing as a guitar player but are also playing something that sounds like music, and is not just a repetitive exercise.

In addition to posting his online guitar lessons on YouTube, Kahra has been touring Germany and Europe with “probably the world’s best” Depeche Mode tribute band Forced To Mode since 2011.