Guitar Tips For The Aspiring Shaman

Over the years, I've been asked for tips on playing the guitar by a few people.
I don't consider myself to be a shaman
by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a messed
up cat like everyone else. But I realize and
embrace the healing power of music...

  1. Breathe deeply when you play! - You need to release tension.
    If you watch any great guitarist jam - Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen,
    Carlos Santana, etc. - you'll notice their strong
    focus on breath! Besides opening up channels
    to invisible forces and vibes, it actually guides your
    phrazing in a beautiful way. Breath in: ease off. Breath out: Release. Try it...
  2. Phrase your solos! - A phrased solo always
    sounds better than a frantic stream of consciousness.
    Think of your solos as verbal communication. Stop for air.
    Pause between sentences. People connect better with that human element.
  3. Embrace the ritual! - Try this: Say a prayer, wash your hands or wipe off your strings(it's symbolic of a fresh connection) every time before you practice, or light a candle.
    Smoke a doobie, if that's what you're into, but always create a new beginning and an opened state of mind before you pick up your axe. Show it that it's a holy instument to you. It'll reward you for it.
  4. Jam along with the radio! - OK, so you won't
    dig every song. It's all about versatility! Just crank the radio up and play with every song.
    Don't play their lines - compliment them. Jam your ass off and make that song kick even more ass than it already does. Solo like a maniac!
  5. Can you whistle it? - I don't care how
    billy-joe-badass you are. Don't matter if you can whittle the balls off a charging rhino. If you can't leave your guitar and whistle or hum your lines, FuGgedabout people digging it for long!

So get off your ass and pick up that guitar!

Guitarist Jeff Sanders plays psychedelic, experimental, progressive zen guitar rock with a strong emphasis on paranormal phenomena, spiritual expression, ethereality and trippiness.

His discography includes "Voices" and "Improvisations From A Void".

Jeff Sanders

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