Guitar Nine's Attic: Picks

A visual look back at Guitar Nine pick promos and signature picks.

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Guitar Nine 2006 Logo Glossy
Guitar Nine 2006 Logo Red/Yellow
Dan McAvinchey Signature Multi-color
Dan McAvinchey Signature White Pearl Double-sided
Guitar Nine 2008 Logo Gold Pearl
Guitar Nine 2006 Logo Matte
Dan McAvinchey Signature Purple
Toshi Iseda Signature
Francisco Fareri Signature
Tomo Fujita Blue Art
Rob Johnson Signature
Isolation Chamber Signature
Il Min Choi Signature
Halford World Tour
Painmuseum Signature
Daniel Wentworth
The Great Kat Logo
Tomo Fujita Logo
Danny Brown Signature
Jason Kelly
Todd Grubbs Group
Jeffrey Ryan Smoots Signature
Kevin M. Buck Signature
Mike Keneally Band
Paul Speer "Ax Inferno"
Steve Saluto Red
Paul Nelson Signature
Todd Grubbs
Rob Balducci Mantra
Todd Grubbs Grubbworm