"Guitar Haus" Press Release

Guitar Haus Cover Art

Guitar Nine

Bar Code # 39150-19602


Guitar Haus



  • Noise In The Attic
  • Late Nite Snack
  • Through The Windows
  • Crowded Rooms
  • Cellar Dwellers
  • Sudden Storm
  • Morning Sun
  • Wah Kingdom
  • Somethin' Be Cookin' (Ah Think It Be Me)
  • Casa Diamante
    • Millennium
    • Voyager
    • Carolina


Dan McAvinchey is a fiercely independent guitarist/composer from Raleigh, North Carolina who has created a diverse new instrumental guitar release for Guitar Nine, Guitar Haus. After almost twenty years of guitar playing and over eighty songs written in that time period, McAvinchey took the opportunity to release his own brand of cross-bred hard rock on a raw, yet melodic recording that blends influences such as Santana, Jeff Beck, and Gary Moore. The guitar work is up-front and center-stage as McAvinchey's own original compositions unfold and excite with bone-cutting tones, driving rhythms and assertive guitar work. McAvinchey produced and recorded the entire CD himself at Blues Alley, his own personal project studio. With spirited drum tracks contributed by Nigel Olsson and Rod Morgenstein, Guitar Haus is a highly enjoyable, dynamic release with a multitude of guitar sounds and textures.


McAvinchey is a well-known, respected columnist on the Guitar Nine internet site, writing the popular columns "The Power To Release", and "Supercharge Your Playing".

McAvinchey has influenced and motivated many guitarists and other musicians to release their own records, through his articles about releasing records, starting record labels, the music business, and his many interviews with other do-it-yourself-or-quit musicians such as Neil Zaza, Todd Grubbs, Michael Knight, and Rob Johnson.

Contrasted with many current instrumental guitar releases, Guitar Haus avoids the celebration of technical mastery in favor of the expressiveness and delivery of interesting music, with a searing, singing guitar as the primary element.

Available directly via mail order from Guitar Nine, or at the Guitar Nine web site.


  • Worldwide promotion on the Internet through Guitar Nine extensive internet presence.
  • Selected songs from Guitar Haus may be previewed on the Guitar Nine Internet site in real-time using any MP3 player.
  • Consumer advertising will take place on all levels from guitar fanzines to major national guitar magazines, including Guitar World, Guitar For The Practicing Musician and RIP.
  • Direct e-mail to over 1,000 registered fans of the Guitar Nine label and web site.
  • Rock/Hard Rock/College radio will be serviced the Guitar Haus CD over a nine-month time frame.
  • Review publications such as entertainment weeklys, guitar magazines and trades will be forwarded copies of Guitar Haus.

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