Greasy Fingers, Part 2: The Monster Lick

One of the things that I do during my practice sessions is that I come up with a lick each time so that I can constantly grow. Now even though I'm concentrating on 4 note per string type licks in this lesson, this also applies to sweeping, string skipping, and any other area of playing that I might be concentrating on. Whatever you're into, try to come up with a new lick each time you practice and tab it out. I promise that the benefit will be worth it. Here's a lick that I came up with the other day and I figured that it would be a good one to show what I'm talking about. It's in E Dorian and can be played with either a legato or alternate picking technique. At the end, I threw in some E minor 7th sweeps into the mix to vary things up. Feel free to use this lick as you please, but also try to come up with your own as well. Until next time, take care.


Shelby Williford is a shredder from Tampa, Florida who has recently started teaching guitar lessons. His intention is to make the transition from web designer to guitar teacher upon accumulating enough students.

Shelby currently write columns on a regular basis for,, as well as Rivot Rag (a local magazine dedicated to the metal community in Central Florida). He also has a band called Xtinct, which is pure metal with lots of shred.

Shelby Williford