George Lynch "Sacred Groove"

George Lynch "Sacred Groove"

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George Lynch
Sacred Groove
The Story
Originally recorded and released with the backing of major label (Elektra), now rereleased through Wounded Bird, George Lynch's 1993 solo album, "Sacred Groove", features six vocal numbers, and four remarkable instrumental tracks ("Tierra Del Fuego", "Love Power From the Power Head", "Memory Jack" and "I Will Remember"). "Tierra Del Fuego" is significant because it features major shred, as Lynch jams with Long Beach guitar monster Derryl Gabel, who won a contest to jam with Lynch on this track. "I Will Remember" offers a soulful, almost neo-classical groove, while "Love Power From the Power Head" is an explosive track in the Joe Satriani and Tony MacAlpine vein. A number of guest vocalists also make appearances on "Sacred Groove" - an essential addition to a George Lynch fan's collection.
The Music
01:38 Memory Jack Instrumental
05:27 Love Power From The Mama Head Instrumental
04:59 Flesh And Blood Vocal
04:25 We Don't Own This World Vocal
04:16 I Will Remember Instrumental
06:52 The Beast Part I Vocal
02:47 The Beast Part II (Addiction To The...) Vocal
05:13 Not Necessarily Evil Vocal
05:06 Cry Of The Brave Vocal
06:03 Tierra Del Fuego Instrumental
The Artists
George Lynch Guitars, Sitar, Backing Vocals
Darryl Gabel Guitar Solo
Chris Solberg Bass
Denny Fongheiser Drums, Percussion
Ray Gillen Vocals
Chris Fuhrman Mellotron, Engineering
Matthew Nelson Vocals
Gunnar Nelson Vocals
Jeff Pilson Bass, Piano
Brian Geither Organ
Mandy Lion Vocals, Backing Vocals
Little John Chrisley Mellotron, Harmonica
Sam Fear Pan Flute
Glenn Hughes Vocals
Pattie Brooks Vocals
Tommy Hendriks Bass
Tony Menjivar Congas, Bongos
Manny Lacarrabba Mixing Assistance
John Cuniberti Production, Engineering, Mixing, Special Effects, Backing Vocals
Amy Guip Photography
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Recorded at Studio 55 and Dodge City, Los Angeles, CA.

Mixed at The Plant, Sausalito, CA.

Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME.

Additional backing vocals by Private Property.

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