Gary Moore "The Collection"

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Gary Moore
The Collection
The Story
In addition to the inclusion of four hard rockin' Gary Moore instrumentals - the shorts ("White Knuckles", "Dirty Fingers") and the longs ("Parisienne Walkways", "Dallas Warhead") - "The Collection" showcases the Irish guitarist's metallic years, the early 1980s. Albums released during that time included the G-Force eponymous debut, "Live At The Marquee" and "Dirty Fingers" (which featured Tommy Aldridge and Don Airey). Here, Moore's live version of "Parisienne Walkways" is emotional enough to cause neck hairs to stand at attention, while "Dallas Warhead", "Rockin' And Rollin'" and "Nuclear Attack" contain enough furious licks and imaginitive riffs to satisfy the legions of Moore-aholics. As Dave Ling points out in the liner notes, "There is little likelihood of his return to his metallic years, so let's make the most of these tracks.
The Music
02:15 White Knuckles Instrumental
02:56 Rockin' And Rollin' Vocal
04:11 You Vocal
04:53 She's Got You Vocal
04:29 Hiroshima Vocal
01:09 Dirty Fingers Instrumental
04:50 Bad News Vocal
04:44 Run To Your Mama Vocal
03:50 Really Gonna Rock Vocal
05:29 Back On The Streets (LIve) Vocal
07:24 Parisienne Walkways (Live) Instrumental
05:29 Dancin' (Live) Vocal
05:10 Nuclear Attack (Live) Vocal
09:59 Dallas Warhead (Live) Instrumental
The Artists
Gary Moore Guitar
Dave Ling Liner Notes
Hugh Gilmour Design