Freddie King "Dallas, Texas Jan. 20th 1973"

Freddie King "Dallas, Texas Jan. 20th 1973"


Freddie King
Dallas, Texas Jan. 20th 1973
The Story
On January 20, 1973, Freddie King and a tight quartet performed at a TV studio in Dallas, Texas. "It was humming in there," recalls director Jim Rowley. "Absolutely cooking." King was 38 and enjoying what he called "the Fillmore circuit" in America as well as the adulation of throngs (including adoring rock stars) in Europe, especially England. This was the second time King had the brass ring firmly in hand, the first being during the early 1960s "dance party" era and his success with Hide Away. It all ended too soon with King's 1976 death but he left us a vibrant musical legacy which includes concert performances like this, a stunning example of a blues master coming to triumphant terms with 1970s African-American grooves and "playing funky."

King's daughter Wanda recalls: "My father was always contemporary, so it was no effort for him to get funky!" With his deep Texas blues roots and Chicago blues apprenticeship always evident, King's foundation was forever the blues, but he was not about to become an 'oldies' act and made his blues a very real part of the music of the moment. Tastefully intercut with the performance audio are brief recollections by King of his career as he saw it in 1973, adding insight into the man and his music.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Big Legged Woman", "Ain't Nobody's Business", "Look Over Yonder Wall", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Blues Band Shuffle", "Have You Ever Loved A Woman", "Goin' Down" and "Hide Away".