Frank Gambale "Note Worker"

Frank Gambale "Note Worker"

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Frank Gambale
Note Worker
The Story
Australian guitarist Frank Gambale's second JVC release is "Note Worker", featuring brilliantly crafted instrumental and vocal songs -- Gamable himself handling the lead vocals. Even though the overall pace of the album is not as high as some of Gambale's more frenzied releases, his blazing guitar work and flashy fire is evident on instrumental tracks such as "High 5", "Schmooze" and "Jet Rag". "Note Worker" features musicians such as Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Kei Akagi, Steve Tavaglione and others.
The Music
05:28 Lunar Rotation Instrumental
05:52 Mr. Hollywood Line Vocal
04:59 Calafia Vocal
04:47 Jet Rag Instrumental
04:55 Stay With Me Vocal
05:20 Schmooze Instrumental
06:17 High 5 Instrumental
06:30 Awakening Instrumental
04:05 My Silent Heart Vocal
The Artists
Frank Gambale Guitar, Synth/Melody, Sequence, Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Keyboards, Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Bass, Production, Arrangements, Mixing
Freddie Ravel Synthesizers, Additional Keyboards, Piano, Synths, String Pads, French Horn Sound, Synths, Clavinet, Keyboard Comp, Strings
Kei Akagi Keyboard Comp, Keyboard Strings, Vibes
Bob Harrison Bass, Acoustic Bass
Dave Weckl Drums, Electric Drums
Steve Tavaglione EWI Counter melody, Tenor and Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Soprano Sax Solo, EWI Second Melody, EWI French Horns, Oboes, Real Alto Solo
Steve Kershisnik Bass
Steve Smith Drums
Walt Fowler Flugelhorn
Anjani Thomas Background Vocals
Tim Landers Bass
Akira Taguchi Executive Production
Takashi Misu Executive Production
Ron Moss Executive Production
Robert Biles Engineering, Mixing
Robert Reed Engineering Assistance
Darron Mora Engineering Assistance
Bob Oullette Engineering Assistance
Frank Vendetti Engineering Assistance
Tim Anderson Flying Fader Operation
Bernie Grundman Mastering
Jim Cherry Front Cover Art Work
Jeffrey Mayer Photography
Mike Manoogian Graphic Design
Recorded at Fox Run Studios, Madhatter Studios.

Overdubs at Silverlake Studios.

Automated mix at Fox Run Studios to Mitsubishi X86HS digital.

Mastered in Hollywood, California.