Fates Warning "The View From Here"

Fates Warning "The View From Here"


Fates Warning
The View From Here
The Story
Fates Warning's "The View From Here" is a must-have DVD for fans of the band with its collection MTV videos from 1988 through 1998, live tracks, bootleg videos, footage of the band in the studio for "Parallels" and "Disconnected", and interviews with Frank Aresti and Joe DiBiasi.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, The Making of "Parallels" (1990),

"Disconnected" Studio Footage (2000), Interviews.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Silent Cries" (1988), "Anarchy Divine" (1988), "Through Different Eyes" (1989), "Nothing Left To Say" (Live 1989), "Point of View" (1991), "Eye To Eye" (1992), "Monument" (1994), "A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Parts X-XII" (1997), "At Fates Hands" (Live 1998), "Prelude To Ruin" (Live 1998) and "The Eleventh Hour/Point Of View" (Live 1998).