Eight Finger Tapping

Eight finger tapping is a technique that I first started developing for the look of it (it looks cool to have both hands flying over the fretboard at the same time). I then started using it for speed, because the potential speed you have is way higher than any other technique! As if these two benefits weren't enough, eight finger tapping opens up a world of new musical ideas, giving you the ability to play things that would normally be considered impossible.

For those of you who are new to the technique, eight finger tapping should be approached in the same way as normal left hand legato. Your right hand will be on the other side of the neck with your thumb round the back (a mirror image of the left hand position). Hammer-ons and pull-offs are played the same with both hands. Just think of your right hand fingers as an extension of the left hand. The object is to make sure the right hand notes blend smoothly with the left hand notes.

This exercise is one which I wrote to help you get better coordination between both hands. I have written "T" to show notes played using tapping (the right hand), and a number next to the "T" to show which right hand finger to use ( T1 = 1st finger, T2 = 2nd finger T3 = 3rd finger T4 = 4th finger). To put this simply, its a sequence of notes played using hammer-ons with the left hand, followed by hammer-ons with the right hand. Take this exercise slowly to start with and practice using a clean tone to make sure you are playing it accurately. Once you master this exercise you will be surprised how easy it becomes to generate extreme speed!


Hope to be back soon with more on shred technique.

Since the age of 10, Robin Hulbert has spent countless hours developing his guitar technique, music theory, and personal style.

He has studied at The Guitar Institute London, where he earned his Honors Degree in music, and is currently teaching guitar, and working hard composing for his latest project.

Robin Hulbert