Dweezil Zappa "Automatic"

Dweezil Zappa "Automatic"

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Dweezil Zappa
The Story
The instrumental CD from Dweezil Zappa is entitled "Automatic", his first release under his own name in nearly a decade and marking a return to his roots as a guitarist. It's also the first predominately instrumental guitar album of his career. Operating under the musical credo "anything at anytime for any reason at all" gave Dweezil freedom to explore new territory. Dweezil has always had shocking facility for rock music composition and arranging, which proudly boasts his sense of humor and personality. "Automatic" features thick layers of multi-tracked guitars, all perfectly executed and combined with wild rhythms and intriguing improvisation, adding nicely to the Zappa Family legacy which has been providing alternative entertainment for over thirty years to a worldwide audience that embraces it like nothing else. Featuring special guest performances from Blues Saraceno, Bryan Beller, Scott Thunes, Terry Bozzio, Mike Keneally, Joe Travers and others, "Automatic" pulls together material recorded during the Shampoohorn (Z) sessions of 1995 and new music.
The Music
04:13 Fwakstension Instrumental
03:59 Automatic Instrumental
01:52 Hawaii Five-O Instrumental
03:12 You're A Mean One Mister Grinch Vocal
02:59 Therapy Instrumental
02:46 12 String Thing Instrumental
02:12 Secret Hedges Instrumental
01:54 Habanera Instrumental
02:35 Les Toreadors Instrumental
02:55 Shnook Instrumental
00:55 Dick Cinnamon's Office Vocal
09:18 Purple Guitar Instrumental
The Artists
Dweezil Zappa Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Fretless Guitar, Distorted Bass, Flanger, Feedback, Harmony Counter Parts, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Whammy Pedal Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Telecaster, Les Paul, Improvisation With Electric Guitar Overdubs, Speaking Voice, Major Seventh Guitar Parts, Engineering, Mixing, Production, Arrangement, Creative Design
Terry Bozzio Drums
Scott Thunes Bass
Mike Keneally Rhythm Guitar, Selected Harmonies
Blues Saraceno Guest Guitar Solos
Joe Travers Drums, Percussion
Chris Maloney Bass
Ahmet Zappa Vocals
Mark Meadows Bass
Dick Cinnamon Percussion, Speaking Voice
Morgan Agren Drums, Percussion
Lisa Loab Highly Efficient Speaking Voice
Jason Freese Wurlitzer
Bryan Beller Bass
Bob Clearmountain Mixing on "You're A Mean One Mister Grinch"
Marque Coy Additional Engineering on Tracks 1, 5 and 10
Wayne Trevisani Additional Engineering on Track 13
Steve Hall Mastering
Analisa Pessin Photography
Diva Zappa Photography
Tony Neely Package Design
Recorded and mixed at Bitch Stevenson Sound, L.A.

"You're A Mean One Mister Grinch" mixed at Mix This!, Pacific Palisades, CA.

Additional engineering on Tracks One, Five and Ten at Joe's Garage. Additional engineering on Track Thirteen at U.M.R.K.

Mastered at Future Disc.