Dream Theater "When Dream And Day Unite"

Dream Theater "When Dream And Day Unite"

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Dream Theater
When Dream And Day Unite
The Story
"When Dream And Day Unite" played a major role in putting prog-metal on the map was the first album to seamlessly combine instrumental prowess, 'thinking man's' lyrics and heavy riffing. Featuring original vocalist Charlie Dominici, Dream Theater would go on to scale greater commercial heights, but this is the album that started it all. Guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung and drummer Mike Portnoy met at the Berkelee College of Music in 1985, and started playing under the name Majesty, but switched to Dream Theater when they found that the original name was copyrighted. "When Dream And Day Unite" features the complex arrangements and technically demanding parts that would become the band's hallmark, especially on the album's epic "The Killing Hand". You can still hear the band playing the instrumental "The YTSE Jam" in concert to this day.
The Music
05:12 A Fortune In Lies Vocal
04:17 Status Seeker Vocal
05:43 The YTSE Jam Instrumental
08:42 The Killing Hand Vocal
07:23 Light Fuse And Get Away Vocal
05:27 Afterlife Vocal
08:04 The Ones Who Help Set The Sun Vocal
06:37 Only A Matter Of Time Vocal
The Artists
John Petrucci Guitars, Production
Charles Dominici Vocals, Production
Kevin Moore Keyboards, Production
Mike Portnoy Drums, Percussion, Production
John Myung Bass, Production
Terry Date Production, Engineering, Mixing
Joe Alexander Engineering, Mixing
Brian Stover Engineering Assistance
Trish Finnegan Engineering Assistance
Howie Weinberg Mastering
Jimmy Starr Remastering
Steve Sinclair Executive Production
Eddie Wilner Reisse Production
Amy Guip Album Covert Concept, Design, Front and Back Cover Photography
Chris Carroll Innersleeve Photography
Mary Romano Art Direction Assistance
Recorded at Kajem/Victory Studios, Gladwyne, PA, July 18 to August 12, 1988.

Mastered at Master Disc.

Art direction by Joannis/Third Image.

Artwork recreated by Alliance Creative.