Dream Theater "Live Scenes From New York"

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Dream Theater
Live Scenes From New York
The Story
"Live Scenes From New York" is a great way to experience the music of Dream Theater for the first time. Recorded live at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City on one evening (August 30, 2000), the package offers 3 full CDs (hours o' fun) just bursting at the seams with superb progressive rock and the amazing fingers of guitarist John Petrucci. As good as Petrucci is, you've got the powerhouse drumming of Mike Portnoy, unbelivable bass work from John Myung, and simply astonishing keyboards courtesy of Jordan Rudess. "Live Scenes From New York" also features over an hour of previously unreleased live music plus an enhanced CD containing video footage you can't get anywhere else. Even a Liquid Tension Experiment song is included - "Acid Rain".
The Music
=== DISC 1 === Vocal
02:46 Regression Vocal
03:32 Overture 1928 Vocal
05:02 Strange Deja Vu Vocal
01:42 Through My Words Vocal
06:21 Fatal Tragedy Vocal
11:16 Beyond This Life Vocal
03:17 John & Theresa Solo Spot Vocal
06:17 Through Her Eyes Vocal
13:21 Home Vocal
06:24 The Dance Of Eternity Vocal
=== DISC 2 === Vocal
04:11 One Last Time Vocal
07:40 The Spirit Carries On Vocal
10:59 Finally Free Vocal
10:36 Metropolis Pt. 1 Vocal
08:15 The Mirror Vocal
04:02 Just Let Me Breathe Vocal
02:34 Acid Rain Vocal
06:21 Caught In A New Millennium Vocal
05:13 Another Day Vocal
06:40 Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo Vocal
=== DISC 3 === Vocal
07:22 A Mind Beside Itself: Erotomania Instrumental
09:44 A Mind Beside Itself: Voices Vocal
05:09 A Mind Beside Itself: The Silent Man Vocal
14:01 Learning To Live Vocal
27:05 A Change Of Seasons Vocal
The Artists
John Petrucci Guitars, Vocals, Production
Mike Portnoy Drums, Vocals, Production
Jordan Rudess Keyboards
John Myung Bass
James LaBrie Vocals, Percussion
Kevin Shirley Engineering, Mixing
Theresa Thomason Guest Vocals on "Through Her Eyes" and "The Spirit Carries On"
Mary Canty Gospel Choir
Dale Scott Robinson Gospel Choir
Beverly McKenzie Gospel Choir
John Williams Gospel Choir
Carlensha Bethea Gospel Choir
Denise Hilton Gospel Choir
Carmen Brown Gospel Choir
Clarence Burke Jr. Gospel Choir
Rennelle Martin Gospel Choir
Chandra Simmons Gospel Choir
Clinteeyah Brown Gospel Choir
Cynthia Ogbur Gospel Choir
Jo Marno Choir Coordination
Jay Beckenstein Soprano Sax on "Another Day"
Kent Broadhurst The Hypnotherapist
Claudins Mittendorfer Mixing Assistance
Kouster McAllister Engineering
George Marino Mastering
Pat Thrall Additional Recording, Transfers and Digital Editing
Recorded live at the Roselan Ballroom, New York City, August 30th, 2000.

Mixed at the Hit Factory, NYC.

Recorded with the Record Plant Mobile.

Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Additional recording, transfers and digital editing at Studio P.T., NYC.

Art direction by JMatic.