D.R. Auten "Guitar Toons"


D.R. Auten
Guitar Toons
The Story
Designed for kids at heart of all ages! "Guitar Toons" is a CD and companion instructional book created by world renowned guitarist D.R. Auten. This book features standard music notation and easy-to-read guitar tablature for each song, along with a short story, classroom lesson plan, and illustrations for children to color.

The solo guitar arrangements brilliantly intertwine finterstyle techniques and imaginative guitar sounds that imitate insects, reptiles and other animal characters that appear in the story. This book was designed fo the young at heart of all ages, to encourage imagination and creative visualization.

Additional Facts
"...D.R is a great guitar player! Have you all heard him?"

Chet Atkins, in front of a crowd of guitarists

"A hearing of his music wil make an unforgettable impression ...hot jazz, blues and country licks -- all played with consummate musicianship and imagination."

John Schroeter, Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

"...a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter-composer, performer and recording artist whose spark of originality is beginning to set some brush fires in the music world."

John D'Augostino, Taylor Guitars, Los Angeles Times music critic

"Sculpting a cool contour through Chet-style country pluck, Celtic balladry and ragtime, Auten crafts enviable acoustic tones imitating trains, cats and frog sounds..."

Guitar Player Magazine

"This dazzling instrumental blend of styles will attract acoustic guitar fans from classical to rock. Auten hones his predominantly finger-picked style to artist perfection on his second album. His playing is complex, weaving both emotion and heart into the songs."

Robert Hayhurst, San Diego Union Tribune

"...the player's player, the one all the other guitarists speak of with a bit of wonder in their voices. He players jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, and folk with aplomb...his touch is beyond deft ...his dynamics are so sensitive that you're left with the impression that you're listening to a piano player."

Philip Dawdy, Slam Magazine