Djam Karet "Reflections From The Firepool"

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Djam Karet
Reflections From The Firepool
The Story
Originally independently released in 1989 as Djam Karet's third CD release, "Reflections From The Firepool" documents the birth in studio of the instrumental rock world of Djam Karet. This was the point in time where the band discovered their musical voice, a time in any group's life where it all begins to come together. Like many moments in life, these times are experienced quickly and only gain importance as they mature in their own "Reflections From The Firepool". This release garnered favorable reviews in such national publications as Rolling Stone ("..inhabiting a unique sector where Floydian dreamscapes interesect with the jagged complexity of King Crimson and the improv-guitar happenstance of the Grateful Dead..." - their #2 Independent Album Of The Year), CD Review, Audion and Music Technology.
The Music
10:16 The Sky Opens Twice Instrumental
09:16 Fall Of The Monkeywalk Instrumental
06:42 Run Cerberus Run Instrumental
07:04 Scenes From The Electric Circus Instrumental
07:15 Animal Origin Instrumental
07:15 All Doors Look Alike Instrumental
07:22 The Red Monk Instrumental
10:02 Reflections From The Firepool Instrumental
The Artists
Gayle Ellett Electric, Classical & Steel Guitars, Keyboards, Taped Effects, Mic Stand, Percussion, Production
Mike Henderson Electric and Acoustic 6-String and 12-String Guitars, Effects, Percussion, Production
Chuck Oken, Jr. Drums, Synthesizer Programming and Sequencing, Electronic Percussion, Production, Engineering, Mixing
Henry J. Osborne Electric Bass, Bottled Bass, Keyboards, Chain, Percussion, Production
Rychard Cooper Production, Engineering, Mixing
Rob DeChaine Mixing on "Run Cerebus Run" and "Animal Origin"
Bill Ellsworth New Artwork, Design, Packaging
Recorded, mixed and assembled at Underground Railroad Studios between September 1988 and May 1989.

CD Mastering by DigiPrep.