Djam Karet "Live At Orion"

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Djam Karet
Live At Orion
The Story
The energy from Djam Karet's 1997 release "The Devouring" was focused into a small tour from which "Live At Orion", released in 1999, was recorded. "Live At Orion" contains improvised live versions of music from five of their previous studio albums performed with fire and passion. Digitally recorded and mixed at the now famous Orion Sound Studios, "Live At Orion" was given a glowing review in Billboard magazine and received their "Critic's Choice Award". The Courier Journal Scene stated, "Challenging to listen to and full of surprises... complex, sometimes brooding, sometimes joyous..." while Innerviews had this to say, "Jagged, feral epics with a revitalized edge and spirit that reinforces its status as one of the world's most interesting instrumental rock acts."
The Music
05:16 Technology And Industry Instrumental
12:13 Familiar Winds Instrumental
08:00 Forbidden By Rule Instrumental
09:30 Reflections From The Firepool Instrumental
08:13 Province 19: The Visage Of War Instrumental
07:33 Shaman's Descent Instrumental
14:13 Jammin At Mike & J's Instrumental
09:24 Run Ceberus Run Instrumental
The Artists
Gayle Ellett Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Effects, Mixing, Production
Mike Henderson Electric Guitar, Production
Chuck Oken, Jr. Drums, Keyboards, Effects, Production
Henry J. Osborne Electric Bass, Bottled Bass, Production
Mike Potter Engineering, Mixing
Denison Wright Photography, Photo Manipulation
Gary Flick Cover Photography
Bill Ellsworth Layout
Matt Murman Mastering
Digitally recorded on 24 tracks at Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore, Maryland, on the evenings of September 25 & 26, 1998.

Mixed at Orion Sound, December 4, 5 and 6, 1998.

Mastered at SAE Mastering.