Dixie Dregs "The Best Of The Dixie Dregs"

Dixie Dregs "The Best Of The Dixie Dregs"

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Dixie Dregs
The Best Of The Dixie Dregs
The Story
"The Best Of The Dixie Dregs" combines tracks from three Dixie Dregs albums released in the late '70s: "Free Fall", "What If' and "Night Of The Living Dregs". Andy Aledort writes in the liner notes, "Taking their cues from '70s fusion heavyweights Return To Forever, Weather Report and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, the Dregs, led by world-renown guitar wizard Steve Morse, encapsulated an earthier feel via vital American country and gospel influences, brilliantly infused with majestic baroque and classical themes. The Dregs also seamlessly blended into their musical tapestry elements of western swing, bluegrass, blues, funk, progressive and hard rock, fusion and even new age music. The result was a sound that was consistently resolute and spritually uplifting. The Dixie Dregs' impressive musical contributions have earned them five Grammy award nominations."
The Music
04:40 Free Fall Instrumental
03:16 Refried Funky Chicken Instrumental
03:01 Cosmopolitan Traveler Instrumental
04:07 Take It Off The Top Instrumental
05:03 What If Instrumental
04:38 Ice Cakes Instrumental
08:00 Night Meets Light Instrumental
03:18 Punk Sandwich Instrumental
06:45 Long Slow Distance Instrumental
04:13 Night Of The Living Dregs Instrumental
04:53 Patchwork Instrumental
The Artists
Steve Morse Guitars, Guitar Synthesizers, Banjo
Andy West Bass
Allen Sloan Electric Violin, Viola, Strings
Steve Davidowski Synthesizer, Keyboards (on Tracks 1-3)
Mark Parrish Keyboards (on Tracks 4-11)
Rod Morganstein Drums, Percussion, Vocals on "Ice Cakes"
Stewart Levine Production
Rik Pekkonen Associate Production, Engineering, Mixing
Ken Scott Production, Engineering
Bill Levenson Compilation Production
Suha Gur Mastering
Vartan Art Direction
Mike Fink Design
Paul Cox Photography
Ryan Null Photography Research
Monique McGuffin Production Coordination
Andy Aledort Liner Notes
Songs 1-3 recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Los Angeles, CA. Taken from "Free Fall", released May, 1977.

Songs 4-7 recorded and mixed at Chateau Recorders, Los Angeles, CA. Taken From "What If", recorded March, 1978.

Songs 9-12 recorded and mixed at Chateau Recorders, Los Angeles, CA, Mountain Recorders, Montreaux, Switzerland, Axis Sound, Atlanta, GA and the Montreaux Jazz Festival, July 23, 1978. Taken from "Night Of The Living Dregs", released March, 1979.

Mastered at Universal Mastering Studios East, Edison, New Jersey.