Dio "Sacred Heart"

Dio "Sacred Heart"


Sacred Heart
The Story
In all the universe, there is but one land where a fire-breathing dragon, a castle and a giant crystal ball exist side-by-side with lasers, holographs and 25 tons of high technology sound equipment - and that is the realm of Dio.

More than a million people in more than 100 cities worldwide have been transported by the metal mysticism of Dio's "Sacred Heart" tour - and the stage set voted best in all of rock 'n' roll by Pollstar and Performance Magazine.

Vocalist Ronnie James Dio, drummer Vinney Appice, bassist Jimmy Bain, guitarist Craig Goldie and keyboardist Claude Schnell deliver Dio's classic tracks in this modern fable of myth and power from the sold-out Philadelphia Spectrum.

Special DVD features include: Dolby Digital Stereo, Interview With Ronnie James Dio, Craig Goldy and Simon Wright.

Additional Facts
The DVD includes the songs "Draco Ignis", "King Of Rock And Roll", "Time To Burn", "The Last In Line/Holy Diver", "Heaven And Hell", ""Sacred Heart"", "Rock 'N' Roll Children", "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll", "Man On The Silver Mountain", "Rock 'N' Roll Children (Reprise)", "Rainbow In The Dark" and "Hungry For Heaven".