Dim Gall

Dim Gall


Greek Instrumentalist Eyes Future

A guitarist-bassist from Athens, Greece, Dim Gall submitted his three song instrumental CD-R demo, entitled One Horn Guitar. Featuring hard rock tracks in the vein of Joe Satriani, John Sykes and John Norum, he leads off with "Octav Attack", a rhythmically driving crusher which serves notice that a heaping helping of sinewy shredding is on the way. A short piano interlude leads to Gall's wistful musings, followed by more mega-riffs. "The Usual Question" is a melodic hard rock track with shoot-from-the-hip fills, double tracked harmonies, and a charisma laden, call-and-response solo. Completing the trilogy is "Sun Tanning" a blues-influenced-but-edgy rocker, that may feature some of the fastest single-string passages on the demo, as well as some twisted backwards guitar. Maybe it's time to put aside the bass and concentrate on spicy guitar instrumentals, eh?


Dim first started playing when inspired by a friend playing some Randy Rhoads riffs. Around 1989 he acquired a classical guitar and started playing basic stuff - chords and scales. Two years later Dim got an electric guitar (Aria The Cat 2) and started to get more into the guitar. Influenced by players such as Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, and Yngwie Malmsteen, he soon joined his first band around 1991 - the Spooks. In 1992, Dim formed Wide View, then in 1995, joined a band called Xlarge. Due to so many Greek bands looking for bass players, he learned bass and joined Rock4, an Athens based hard rock and metal band.

In 2005, after the enormous rise of technology, Gall decided to put his instrumental ideas down for all to hear. .He would love to contact a good singer in the vein of Paul Rodgers, Joe Lynn Turner, or David Coverdale, as he has at least an album of hard rock music that needs a great singer.

Contact Information

Dimitris Gallikas
11-13 Socratous St.
Kallithea 17671

E-mail: dimgall@yahoo.com
Web site: www.dimgall.com