Dick Dale "Tribal Thunder"

Dick Dale "Tribal Thunder"

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Dick Dale
Tribal Thunder
The Story
Guitarist Dick Dale reports, ""Tribal Thunder" is the first time in my recordings that I have been able to have complete control over the way my Fender Strat guitar (The Beast) has been captured. Before, the engineers could not stop the sound of the beast from bleeding throughout the recording soundboard without putting limiters and suppressors on my guitar sound. Now, I have found the secret how to record the full fat sounds of my Strat. Enjoy and listen to the Thunder!" Replete with loud, fast, reverb-soaked guitar and throbbing drumming, "Tribal Thunder" is the hard driving music that Dick Dale fans have come to expect.
The Music
03:19 Nitro Instrumental
02:47 The New Victor Instrumental
03:53 Esperanza Instrumental
02:46 Shredded Heat Instrumental
04:47 Trail Of Tears Instrumental
04:47 Caravan Instrumental
02:23 The Eliminator Instrumental
04:37 Speardance Instrumental
06:04 Hot Links (Caterpillar Crawl / Rumble) Instrumental
03:57 The Long Ride Vocal
06:15 Tribal Thunder Vocal
02:29 Unnamed Bonus Track * Instrumental
    * Acoustic
The Artists
Dick Dale Guitar, Chants, Vocals, Production
Ron Eglit Bass
Scott Matthews Drums, Percussion, Chants, Production
Prairie Prince Drums, Percussion, Chants
Rowland Salley Bass
Joel Selvin Production
Allen Sudduth Engineering, Mixing
Rob Baldwin Engineering Assistance
Wolf Kessler Engineering Assistance
Joel Jaffe Engineering
Paul Stubblebine Mastering
D.K. Mercer Art Direction, Design
Jim Crouch Cover Illustration
Michael Olsen Photography
Recorded at Brilliant Studios, San Francisco and Studio D, Sausalito.

All tracks mixed at Brilliant.

Mastered at Rocket Lab, San Francisco.

Chants by The Tribe: Scott, Prairie, Kolleen, Dick, Jill, and Forrest.