Dick Dale "Spacial Disorientation"

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Dick Dale
Spacial Disorientation
The Story
"Spacial Disorientation" is Dick Dale's long awaited CD for 2001, featuring a mix of electric (the first eight tracks), acoustic (the second eight tracks), cover tracks (Dale does an instrumental version of Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water" and an acoustic version of "Mexico/Esperanza" and the Christmas tune "Silent Night") - all which display Dale's indomitable style and energy. The title track is an ode to feedback and distortion (music to blow amps up by), while "HMFIC" and "3013DD" rock in the classic Dale manner. "Belo Horizonte" is featured as an electric instrumental as well as an acoustic vocal number (is that legal?), while "Haji" appears in both acoustic and electric forms. "Spacial Disorientation" delivers a potpourri of sound from the King of Surf Guitar and the King of the Surf Bass (producer, bassist Ron Eglit).
The Music
03:52 HMFIC Instrumental
03:08 The Eliminator Vocal
03:12 Haji (Electric) Instrumental
03:03 3013DD Instrumental
03:51 Smoke On The Water Instrumental
03:37 Belo Horizonte Instrumental
04:10 Walikin' Vocal
04:45 Spacial Disorientation Instrumental
04:42 Oasis Of Maria * Instrumental
05:04 Belo Horizonte (Vocal) * Vocal
03:54 Haji (Acoustic) * Instrumental
04:45 Front Porch Blues * Instrumental
03:03 Baby Left Me * Vocal
04:02 Mexico/Esperanza * Instrumental
05:02 Yours * Instrumental
05:28 Silent Night * Instrumental
    * Acoustic
The Artists
Dick Dale Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Production
Ron Eglit Bass,Acoustic Guitar, Production
Dusty Watson Drums
Bryan Brown Drums
Tiki Pasillas Percussion
Terri Brinegar Background Vocals
Erica Kane Background Vocals
Bob Schreiner Engineering
Recorded at Westworld Recorders, L.A., California.