David Valdes "Ejercicios 1"

David Valdes "Ejercicios 1"


David Valdes
Ejercicios 1
The Story
[NOTE: DVD is in the European PAL format. In the U.S., you may be able to play in your computer's DVD/CD drive - check your system.] An instructional DVD in Spanish, with available English subtitles, "Ejercicios 1" features the incredible neo-classical and shred guitarist David Valdes highlighting his technique. Chapters include Warming Hands, Picking, Hammer On-Pull Off, Legaro, String Skipping, Diminish, Sweep Picking, and the special Valdex Licks.

Special DVD features include: Audio/Text In Spanish With English Subtitles (spoken parts).

DVD Video, PAL, Regions: All

Additional Facts
In 2002, David Valdes recorded his first album, "Paradise Lost", 11 songs full of harmony and technique. One of them is a version of a J.S. Bach composition. In 2003 he composed and recorded the song "Temple In The Cellar" for the second tribute to Jason Becker, entitled "Warmth In The Wilderness Vol II". Finally, in 2006 he released his second disc ,called "Imhotep" - 13 songs, including two versions of J.S. Bach compositions, along with several outstanding melodies, heavy riffs and solos full of technique, precision and feeling.