Craig Chaquico "A Thousand Pictures"

Craig Chaquico "A Thousand Pictures"

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Craig Chaquico
A Thousand Pictures
The Story
Craig Chaquico's third album, "A Thousand Pictures" features airy, highly textured acoustic-based compositions, passionately sculpted melodies, soaring guitar leads and compelling rhythms. He is joined on several tracks by saxophonist Richard Elliot as he explores jazzy new territory. Chaquico's songs are aural pictures of people and how they connect and inspire each other to reach the deeper experience of their lives. "A Thousand Pictures" is an enhanced CD which contains videos, interviews and other material playable on a CD-ROM drive as well as material playable on any CD player.
The Music
04:40 Sweet Talk Instrumental
04:16 Why The Dolphin Smiles Instrumental
06:20 Navajo Stars Instrumental
04:34 Autumn Blue Instrumental
05:38 Just Friends Instrumental
05:23 Acoustic Traveler Instrumental
05:19 We Rode The Wind Instrumental
04:41 Streetwise Instrumental
04:39 Kyle's World Instrumental
05:25 Acoustic Traveler (Remix) Instrumental
The Artists
Craig Chaquico Guitars, Stereo Guitar Sound Effects, Additional Percussion, Production. Recording, Engineering, Mixing
Ozzie Ahlers Keyboards, Bass, Additional Percussion, Production, Recording, Mixing
Wade Olson Drums on "Acoustic Traveler", "Kyle's World", "Navajo Stars", "Streetwise", "We Rode The Wind", "Why The Dolphin Smiles"
Jim Reitzel Bass on "Streetwise"
Alain Eskinasi Grooves, Percussion
Richard Elliot Saxophone on "Street Talk", "Autumn Blue", Saxophone Session Production
3rd Force Guest on "Acoustic Traveler (Remix)"
Matt Marshall Executive Production
Dan Selene Executive Production
William Aura Associate Production, Saxophone Session Production, Mixing, Mix Engineering, Digital Mastering
Chris Eads Saxophone Sessions Recording Engineer
Craig Dobbin MIDI Tech Support, Digital Editing
Joseph L. Steiner III Digital Mastering
Recorded at Lunatunes, Mill Valley, CA.

Saxophone sessions recorded at Suncoast Recording, Woodland Hills, CA.

Mixes at Auravision Studios, Ojai, CA.

Mastered with Full Dimensional Sound at Quad Teck Studios, Los Angeles, CA.