Craig Chaquico "Midnight Noon"

Craig Chaquico "Midnight Noon"

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Craig Chaquico
Midnight Noon
The Story
Fast approaching one million units sold in the United States alone and boasting a bevy of radio hits, Grammy-nominated guitarist Craig Chaquico is one of contemporary jazz's hottest commodities. Inspired by the expression 'jazz noon' (AKA midnight), the tunes on Chaquico's new album "Midnight Noon" explore what happens as day turns to night, Chaquico draws upon a wide range of styles - jazz, 1950s be-bop, Latin, and, of course, rock from his days as the lead gutiarist for Jefferson Starship - and incorporates some 50 different guitars into ten groove filled tracks. Chaquico writes, "Each of the songs on "Midnight Noon" are made to get you thinking by combining styles, concepts, or instruments that may seem, at first blush, a little unusual. There's the combination of classic rock and classical Spanish guitar on "Always With You", city skyscrapers meets unbridled spirits on "Outlaw In The City", or finding a silver lining in "My Boyfriend's Wedding". I hope it spurs your imagination."
The Music
04:31 Her Boyfriend's Wedding Instrumental
04:19 Dream Date Instrumental
05:05 El Gato Instrumental
04:25 Bobby Sox Instrumental
06:02 Always With You Vocal
05:02 Jazz Noon Instrumental
04:28 Dia Del Zorro * Instrumental
04:45 Girls' Night Out Instrumental
01:02 Equinox Instrumental
05:38 Outlaw In The City Instrumental
    * Electric
The Artists
Craig Chaquico Guitars, Production, Art Direction, Photography, Mixing
Ozzie Ahlers Keyboards, Production, Mixing
Kevin Paladini Saxophone
Jim Reitzel Bass, Engineering
Wade Olson Drums
Marquinho Brasil Percussion
Ramone Yslas Percussion on "El Gato"
Bill Heller Additional Keyboards, Drum Programming Loops, Musical Arrangements, Additional Production
April Hendrix Vocals on "Always With You"
William Aura Associate Production, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering
Ron McMaster Mastering
Dave Roberts MOTU Digital Engineering, Editing, Mixing Assistance
Andrew Leavitt Engineering
Chris Verespej Art Direction, Design, Photography
Bill Reitzel Photography
George D. Bates Photography
Brian Runner Photography
Kaye Runner Photography
Mike Bailey A&R
Bruce Sullivan Project Management
Recorded at Lunatunes, Ashland, OR, Ozworld, Novato, CA, Heller Studios, Long Island, NY, Oak View Hotel, Room #224, Oak View, CA and Moon Dog Studios, Alameda, CA.

Mixed at Auravision Studio, Ojai, CA.

Mastered at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA.

Make-up and styling by Anja Epkis, Arturo Everett and Chris Michna.