Colaiuta/Ford/Haslip "Jing Chi 3D"

Colaiuta/Ford/Haslip "Jing Chi 3D"

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Jing Chi 3D
The Story
The third Tone Center release by Jing Chi (a musical synergy between renowned guitarist Robben Ford, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and bassist Jimmy Haslip) is part jazz/fusion, part Jamband, and part blues rock, as the trio crosses musical boundaries over the eight instrumentals and one vocal track (with guest vocals by Robert Cray). On "Jing Chi 3D", these three players contribute a virtuoso's command of their instruments, bring out the best in each others work as they play off each other during tradeoffs between phenomenal soloing and light ensemble segments.
The Music
05:15 Colonel Panic Instrumental
07:49 Chi Town Instrumental
04:19 Move On Instrumental
07:35 Hidden Treasure Instrumental
04:38 Time Is A Magazine Instrumental
05:10 Mezzanine Blues Instrumental
08:39 Blues Alley Instrumental
14:38 It's Nobody's Fault But Mine Vocal
06:04 Tangled Up Instrumental
The Artists
Robben Ford Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums, Cymbals, Logic and Reason Programming
Jimmy Haslip Bass, Programming, Synths, Tambourine, Production
Judd Miller Sound Design, EVI, Engineering
Steve Tavaglione Sound Design, EWI, Soprano Sax
Larry Goldings Organ
Jason Galuten Programming, Synths
Robert Cray Guitar, Vocals
Rich Breen Engineering, Mixing
Jaime Sickora Engineering Assistance
Chad Fischer Engineering
David Kohls Guitar Technician
MIchah Smith Photography
RIch Breen Photography
Dave Stephens Cover Art, Graphics
Tracks recorded at Henson Recording Studios, Hollywood, California.

Mixed at Dogmatic, Burbank, California.

Larry Goldings recorded at Lookout Sound.

Judd Miller and Steve Tavaglione recorded at JMPM.