Chuscales "Encuentros Del Alma"

Chuscales "Encuentros Del Alma"

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Encuentros Del Alma
The Story
Born to a family of great gypsy guitarists, Chuscales (his nickname refers to a person who is a 'guitar cruncher', extremely substantial - the best) joins forces on "Encuentros Del Alma" with popular flamenco aritsts and producers to bridge traditional and new flamenco styles. Co-producer and noteworthy guitarist Ottmar Liebert remarks, "Chuscales was born a Flamenco, and he lives and breathes Flamenco - but this time he wanted to make a crossover album, a fusion album, and I am honored that he came to me for help. I think you will enjoy Chusco's compositions and guitar playing as well as the setting we created for him." Chuscales was raised in Granada, Spain and was schooled in the Gitano flamenco traditions by his father and grandfather, as well as by friends and mentors Paco de Lucia, Sabicas and Manolo San Lucas.
The Music
04:24 Gloria Bendita Instrumental
04:12 Suenos De Una Guitarra Instrumental
05:09 Forever In My Heart Instrumental
05:29 Colamba Instrumental
04:51 Bahia De Chusco Instrumental
04:42 Encuentros Del Alma Instrumental
03:54 Rumba Peligrosa Instrumental
03:47 Luna Park Instrumental
03:39 The Voyager Instrumental
04:53 Capricho Arabe Instrumental
06:11 Between Roses And Jasmine Instrumental
The Artists
Chuscales Flamenco Guitar
Benny Rietveld Bass, Arrnagements, Original Recording Engineering
Jon Gagan Bass
David Belove Bass
Mark Clark Kick, Udu, Timbales, Percussion Colors
Jose Manuel Blanco Palmas, Cajon, Bongos, Original Recording Production
Michael Spiro Hand Percussion
Christopher Kraniak Violin
Don Reiter Cello
Ottmar Liebert Production
Stefan Liebert Production, Engineering, Mixing
Gary Lyons Production, Engineering, Mixing
Jon Gagari Engineering Assistance
Wiley Ross Original Recording Engineering
El Grillu Arrangements
Devon Rietveld Original Recording Engineering
Trevor Sadler Mastering
Connie Gage Design
Kyle Zimmerman Photography
Originally recorded at Southwest Studios, Tucson, Arizona and Yeah Man Productions, Oakland, California.MO<

Additional tracks recorded at Spiral Subwave, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mixed at Spiral Subwave, December, 1998.

Mastered at Narada Productions, Inc. using Apogee's UV22 digital process.